Thursday, November 23, 2006

my final stand

a total mistake.
not for me, but alas! for you.

if tt was what you see, you were nvr a slave.
no.. tt wasnt right. yes, you were nvr a slave but yes now you are.
a slave to yourself, to yourself, kyros.
Humanity stands before you as fools. belittled by you as unconcious monsters blinded by evil. ha.

disappointing, disgusted, trash.

life is forver like tt to you issnt it?
forever mocking you, killing you.
dun you always wanted it to end? you will never be able i tell you. for this is life.
you are not the only one going thru it.

let me ask you.
can a boy ask for forgiveness if he dun even noe wad really went wrong? do you?
so even wad if you did.
what is forgiveness about? issit about feeling sorry that you made me angry? feeling bad that you disappointed me?
i'll tell you now. forgiveness is not about all tt.
you have belittled it.well, you might not be the only one who have belittled it.
Forgiveness is about understanding how the other party is feeling, why he is feeling like tt and not feel bad about it, but telling yourself that you will never do that to him again... have you? do you?

so what is all this about Begging for forgiveness? issit all about the other party? no.
it is all bout yourself, and deeds, you forgiving yourself. and repenting

disappointing, disgusted, trash.

so issit all about apologising, MULTIPLE TIMES? ha.
has it never dawn upon me tt you had feelings? do you really feel that way? do you noe how hard i tried? omg. i tut you did. so you nvr did.
you never did noe i went thru tt much just to have had you think tt way.

haiz.. what was i thinking to have tut tt way:)

slavery eh? was it ever. ha.

Another thing.. wad is being caring, or caring for someone. will there be ever too much? omgomg... what was i exactly thinking! Wad was i?
you still dun get it.. you will never will..
disappointing, disgusted, trash.



are they? what are dey to you den? or in your language, FRIENDS you call FOOLS?
what are you? with emotions? do your emotions tell you that ppl caring and loving you are called fools? den i was a fool den:)
thanks alot.

what will hurt you...? me? fools? love?
ha. what has ever hurt you man? the world? has no one ever been? omg.
for is there as such : too many friends?
too much love?
and tt this "too much" cause you to become somone who is unappreciative? unappreciative? of wad? love. here here here.. who are you to say that boy? God?
dun you tell me tt you can read into my heart and read me like a book? ha.

no. no one is missing you.
there will never be.
as so you have been
and yes,

you deserve all tt.:)

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