Thursday, January 15, 2009

God is good, all the time.

maybe its not easy right not for you to believe that God is on your side.
and God is not asking you to pretend.
tough and painful situations have a way of bringing questions to all of us
but its still true.
God is for you.
he hasn't forgotten you.
and sometimes you have to look beyond the circumstances and declare by faith that
God is good all the time.

and all the time, God is good.

this is from an untitled track 11 in Don Moen's album "God for Us".
and from this, He was relating a letter which was written to him from a mother who talked about her son.

Her son and 7 other young people and 4 adults traveled to a remote lake in a Canadian wilderness for a spiritual retreat.
throughout the journey these people were singing "God is good, all the time" as a theme song for this retreat.

late one night after a whole night of campfire and worshiping, they decided to get onto their boats and travel back to the other side of the lake.

a storm came up at the moment and before they could paddle back to shore, strong waves and angry winds threw them around and capsized the 2 boats they were in.
as they were clinging onto the boat in the freezing dark icy cold waters, they sang the song they had been singing all week, "God is good, all the time", and committed their lives to their creator.
out of the 12, only 4 survived.

Her child joseph, did not.

but she knew, her son was able to face death without fear.

and my friend, perhaps right now you are facing a storm in your life.
a storm which is threatening to capsize your marriage, health, finances or studies.
God hasn't forgotten you, nor is He against you.
God is for you today
and He wants you to trust Him. in the midst of whatever storm you're facing.
let His peace come to you as we declare by faith, God is good, ALL the time.

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Anonymous said...

just bid farewell to a non-believing older cousin whom i have a miraculously loving father-son relationship over the years. it took around 2 decades before the Lord gave me the right words to utter so we can have/start a deeply respectful and non-confrontational conversation about God and Jesus. As he left this morning for his month long motorcycle trip across the U.S. (5am this morning) I went to my garage to work on my wife's laundry table and turned to Christian Radio and heard this song with the stories/narratives that you write about. It spoke to me about God's UTTER GOODNESS. We are in a marriage bible class and we are bunch of couples that are seeking wholeness, oneness through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word. I will share this with my wife and sing it in our next class.