Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mine NEW* Blog:D

Yepps, I finally created a new blog... yea after giving up on my pervious blog;) yea
haiz... after much tyme den finally came up with i name lohhs! sho diff to think! hahs i oso dun noe wad to write to write fer mi first post sho yea, i'm listening to Geek In The Pink* ?? no link. Anwz ya... kindda feeling excited tt i'm goin my Kor's hse tmr to swim:) yesh! hahas... finaay... haiz. im total broke loh! spent a bomb on a s.s ring o.0 hahas! but i dun relly regret it loh! next tyme i show eu guyys!

yea.. and preliems ish lyke sho close le! hopes tt we will all study very hard and get to good JCs.. yea and score fer our O's! yea guyys? Rawk On!

heres jert, out;)

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